Antioxidants and Total Health

After experiencing a significant decline in my health due to poor nutrition, stress, and a lack of exercise, I decided to find the best way to get healthy again. I began with exercise and a positive change to a healthy diet. Still, after a few weeks of effort, I was noticing only minor improvement. When I was younger, this would have been enough to make a big difference. Why?

The Nutrient Connection

I am 40 years old now and the last time I was in top physical condition was when I was 33. After that, my job and daily life took a long and stressful turn. It was all too easy to let go of a good diet and stop getting the exercise I needed. Even when I did exercise, I mostly felt tired and it took a long time to recover.

I did some research and quickly discovered just how important antioxidant nutrients are to total health. After reading some biomedical articles regarding recovering from illnesses, it was clear that I had depleted myself of vital antioxidants over the years and my body was quickly aging and degenerating.

Getting Back on Track

The first goal was to get my diet in order. The research I did informed me about antioxidant foods. Before taking any dietary supplements, I wanted to be sure that I was getting as much as I could from my diet. I discovered the idea of a “rainbow diet.” This simply means eating whole, natural, and organic foods of many different colors.

The colors of various fruits and vegetables come from the antioxidant nutrients in the foods. This is the case all across the board and many of the nutrients are known as flavonoids and carotenoids. For example, the orange color in carrots and the blue color in blueberries all come from antioxidants.

Adding in the Supplements

Upon doing some more research, I found out that the addition of certain supplements could really boost my antioxidant levels. I added in vitamin C, a good B-complex, and some specific antioxidant supplements such as green tea extract, red tea, grape seed extract, alpha lipoic acid, vitamin E with mixed tocotrienols and tocopherols, and antioxidant minerals such as selenium and zinc.

Putting these supplements with the rainbow diet really boosted my energy and my health began to improve with great speed. My exercise performance also went up a great deal.

Good Sleep

Along with the diet, exercise, and the antioxidant supplements, it would be necessary to get good sleep to make it all work. A regular sleep cycle is important for the production of the antioxidant hormone melatonin and that also balances all other hormones and the metabolism. I read about sleep hygiene and discovered something interesting.

It is important to cut out all artificial light the last two hours of the night before going to bed. This allows melatonin to be properly produced. When this happens, a regular sleep cycle is set in place and all the antioxidants in the body can be used properly. All of this leads to a faster return to health.

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