The Five Main Causes of Thyroid Disorders

The thyroid gland controls the metabolism of the body and is thus responsible for maintaining normal energy and bodily function. When the thyroid is compromised, the body cools down and, even just by a little bit, this means difficulty losing weight, low energy, constipation, brittle nails, and cold hands and feet. These are just symptoms of a deep thyroid disorder and there are common causes.

My Thyroid Problem

At the age of 43, I began noticing some significant weight gain and I could not get it off even though I had never had a problem with it before. That was not the only problem. I would get cold easily whereas I was always fine previously. My digestive system did not function well and no matter how healthy I made my diet, I was constipated often.

At a certain point, especially after putting on 30 pounds even while cutting my calories, I decided to go to the doctor. At the end of the testing, I was diagnosed with hypothyroid disorder. The doctor said this means I am not producing the proper thyroid hormones.

The Causes

I asked my doctor what would cause such a condition. He said that it was unknown in most cases. I then went on to find out that hypothyroidism is a very common diagnosis, mostly in women, and it is generally regarded as idiopathic, meaning it has no known cause. At the same time, I found other sources to suggest real causes.

Nutrient Deficiencies

The number one cause of an under-active thyroid is nutrient deficiency. Iodine is a necessary mineral and not common in the standard American diet. It turns out that this deficiency is common. Some other nutrient deficiencies that can cause this include B-vitamin and amino-acid deficiencies such as a lack of L-Tyrosine or L-Phenylalanine.

Heavy Metals

I found out that heavy metals can cause problems with the conversion of the T4 hormone to T3, which is the active thyroid hormone. Heavy metals can invade the body through amalgam fillings, from tattoos, from direct exposure, smoking cigarettes, and from eating large amounts of contaminated seafood, particularly shellfish.

Liver Congestion

Since I had been on medications for seizures over the years, I suspected that my liver was not functioning so well and that may contribute to the problem. Liver congestion from toxicity is directly implicated in thyroid problems. The liver is involved in proper hormone metabolism.

Too Many Toxins

With the liver backed up, toxins accumulate in the body. These toxins affect all sorts of bodily functions and perhaps part of my issue was the accumulation of toxins from the medications I had been on.

Adrenal Functioning

The adrenal glands and the thyroid work together to make the right hormones. When the Adrenals are exhausted, the thyroid tries to make up for it and, eventually, the hormone and nutrient resources become exhausted, resulting in reduced thyroid function.

I decided to seek additional medical help in order to deal with these issues. If any of these are the causes, I will soon find out.

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